Parent's Educational Influence

How long will a College Degree be worth it? Until 2086 New Research Says

A new report from Hamilton Place Strategies claims that a four year college degree will be worth the money it takes to attain one until the year 2086.

Biggest Wage Gap in 48 Years

The salary gap is, well, gaping: A 2013 high school graduate now earns $17,500 less than a Millennial with a bachelor’s degree. So says a new report by the Pew Research Center, which surveyed and analyzed Americans ages 25 to 32.

Can't Code? Giants Like Facebook Still Want to Hire You

Call it the Revenge of the Non-Nerds: Despite the fact that our Knowledge Economy seems almost unfairly tilted in favor of left-brainers who can flawlessly write lines of C# and spit out SQL queries, there’s career hope for the rest of us.

How to Graduate (Almost) On Time, As a Working Mom

Despite the extraordinary demands imposed by babies, it is certainly possible to reach the finish line.

Can You Really Afford Long Nursing School Waitlists?

Just how long are nursing program waitlists these days? They practically rival the Green Bay Packers’ NFL season ticket wait list: Cheeseheads wait an average of 100 years.

What Does Our Carbon Footprint Have To Do With Job Creation? Just About Everything.

2-Year For-Profits vs. Community Colleges: The U.S. Graduation Race’s Unlikely Victor

The mega-data is now in: Students enrolled in our nation's two-year for-profit private schools make it to the finish line – graduation day – in greater numbers than those enrolled in public community colleges.

Want a Steady Job? Stay in School

Earning a degree doesn't just mean a bigger pay check; it is key to having steady employment.

50 Shades of Pinkification: How Toys Define Girls’ Future Careers

As if Barbie didn’t already get enough flak for sullying the body images of millions of impressionable American girls, she’s now become yet another cultural culprit: Of girls’ career self-images.